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TV remote controls are the perfect thing to have in hand when you want to relax after work, or on those rainy Sundays when there's not too much else to do. It's always good to have a spare, but if yours is lost or broken, we've got a wide range available so you can find a close replacement. One for All remotes offer a one-stop solution. If you've lost the original remote for your TV - be it Samsung or Sony, LG or Sky - these will support all original functions and make a superb replacement. 


The versatility doesn't end there; check out One for All's universal offerings for total flexibility and convenience when you're moving between devices such as DVD players. For Sky users who want to keep things on brand, our Sky remote controls are the perfect accompaniment to your Sky box - no matter which kind you own. For added convenience, you can program these to control your TV too.


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