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We offer a fine selection of high-quality taps. We do not compromise even the simplest passive distribution component for your Distribution Network. Neither should you!

Taps: divide a small portion of the signal on the trunk line to tap lines.

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  • 44186 4 Way Aerial Splitter

    44186 4 Way Aerial Splitter

    Genuine Aerials, Satellites and Cables Ltd branded product Manufactured in the UK, CE Marked for safety Used to split a TV signal to 4 TVs 5 – 2400mhz frequency range Complete with 5 F plugs
    Price: £8.95
  • 44185 2 Way Aerial Splitter

    44185 2 Way Aerial Splitter

    High Quality Coaxial TV Aerial Y Splitter - 2 Way Y Adaptor Signal RF Splitter Cable 2 Female To 1 Male You just need to plug your TV aerial into the male end and split the signal to go to 2 TVs and you will be able to use both the TVs. This 2 way...
    Price: £6.95