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TV and satellite system launch amplifiers increase TV Aerial and satellite signals so that they can be distributed to multiple outlets. Using just one TV Aerial and satellite dish you can supply thousands of homes with all the signals necessary to receive the full Freeview, free sat and Sky packages. 

Launch Amplifiers come in two distinct types, one is just for TV Aerial systems, and the other is for TV Aerial and Satellite systems, also known as IRS (Integrated Reception System). IRS systems use Multiswitches and combine both TV Aerial signals and Satellite signals onto one cable.

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  • 371000 Wolsey Launch Amp AMETHYST - 5 input - FM DAB UHF

    371000 Wolsey Launch Amp AMETHYST - 5 input - FM DAB UHF

    WOLSEY Mercury Launch Amp LTE Ready - Variable Gain Control 0-20dB on all Inputs - Switchable Filtering Control - Masthead Line Power with short circuit protection - Test -30dB - Earth Bonding Point - LTE Protected Frequency range: 88-862MHz Gain &...
    Price: £179.00