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If you're a music lover, you'll want all your favourite albums to sound their best - which is where our Hi-Fi systems come in. These are the go-to solution for high quality sound, so whether you're having friends over or just winding down of an evening with some of your all-time favourite tunes, you can enjoy crystal clear audio. Meanwhile, vinyl fans should take a look at our record players. You might choose a hi-tech combo system or a retro portable player so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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  • PSLX310BTCEK Sony TurntableBluetooth

    PSLX310BTCEK Sony TurntableBluetooth

    Discover why so many people are enjoying vinyl in the digital age with this Bluetooth-enabled turntable from Sony. Whether you’ve collected records for decades or are just getting into the craze, the PSLX310BTCEK will bring something extra...
    Price: £217.95