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Complete PA systems – the ultimate sound solution. Everything you need to perform. 

Speakers, subwoofers, stands, audio mixers and more. Because of this, complete PA systems are the choice of bands and venues who need a more permanent fixture. Shop with confidence


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  • VTX4400EK 4CH Power Amp 4x400w

    VTX4400EK 4CH Power Amp 4x400w

    The Cloud VTX range of four channel power amplifiers are intended for commercial and industrial public address and sound reinforcement applications where unquestionable long-term reliability is the primary consideration. High power multichannel...
    Price: £1,267.87
  • Cloud LM-1 Active Module

    Cloud LM-1 Active Module

    A remote active module from Cloud with line inputs, mic inputs, mixers source selection and music control.
    Price: £73.95
  • CXL-60T 60w 100v In-Line Transformer

    CXL-60T 60w 100v In-Line Transformer

    The TR3xxx offers a range of line transformers with a power ranging from 30 Watt up to 480 Watt. There are different taps available for 50V, 70V and 100V lines, and the low impedance side is selectable between 2 Ohm, 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm. 
    Price: £41.95
  • CXL-4160 100v Line TX Module

    CXL-4160 100v Line TX Module

    A range of multipurpose transformers, all with screw terminal connections, housed in plastic enclosures. These can be mounted in the conventional “Stick on” method, or using the MB-1 mounting kit. Dimensions of all units 76...
    Price: £105.00
  • CXL-3120 Tx Module V1.2A

    CXL-3120 Tx Module V1.2A

    LOUD ZONER-AMPLIFIERS Combining the traditional features of a mixer-amplifier with the functionality of a ‘zoner’ and the convenience of a multi-channel power-amplifier, these unusual products offer a one-box solution, to...
    Price: £99.00
  • CXL-1600 Cloud Rack Panel

    CXL-1600 Cloud Rack Panel

    No heat loss Great backlight material High efficiency (97%) Does not emit UV light Soft light that is not harsh on the eyes
    Price: £109.00
  • CX-A850UK Cloud 8ch Power Amp

    CX-A850UK Cloud 8ch Power Amp

    Cloud Electronics, UK introduces its new range of energy efficient, class-leading amplifiers with the introduction of its new CV-Series digital multi-channel digital 70/100v amplifiers. Flexible Output All models in the CV-Digital series offer a total...
    Price: £820.00
  • CX-A6UK Cloud Power Amp

    CX-A6UK Cloud Power Amp

    The Cloud VA2120 is a cost-effective audio power amplifiers for use in all types of commercial premises. They have been designed to be as simple to install and operate as possible. The VA2120 is a 2 channel Amplifier which can deliver 120 W per channel...
    Price: £995.00
  • CX-A450UK 4 Channel Powere Ampilier

    CX-A450UK 4 Channel Powere Ampilier

    The Cloud CX-A4 is a versatile and innovative multi channel amplifier. It exhibits low levels of noise and distortion, and utilises the highest quality components, ensuring outstanding sound quality and rugged durability. Plug in VCA modules are...
    Price: £469.00
  • 46-50 Cloud 4 Zone Mixer Amplifier

    46-50 Cloud 4 Zone Mixer Amplifier

    46-50 - Four zone This is a four-zone mixer with four fan-cooled , 50W nominal amplifiers in a 2U rack-mounting enclosure. It has a two balanced microphone inputs and six unbalanced stereo line inputs which are each summed together to mono...
    Price: £849.00
  • 46-120TEK Cloud 4 Zone 120W 4x100V Mixer Amp 230V

    46-120TEK Cloud 4 Zone 120W 4x100V Mixer Amp 230V

    The Cloud 46-120T is a versatile four-zone, rack-mounting (2U) audio mixer amplifier. Reliable and compact, it combines a self-contained source of background music with microphone paging and power amplification (4x120W) for up to four zones in a single...
    Price: £1,354.95
  • 36-50 Cloud Zone Mixer Amplifier

    36-50 Cloud Zone Mixer Amplifier

    Cloud 36/50 Integrated Two Zone + Utility, Low Impedance Mixer Amplifier The Cloud 36/50 provides both power and control for venue sound systems from a single, cost effective unit. Ideal for shops, pubs, restaurant and bars, the 36/50 combines the...
    Price: £579.95