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As well as improving your fitness, having fun and exploring, riding a bike is a great way of getting around. We have men’s bikes and women’s bikes for every type of cycling including bikes for sale for all cycling disciplines including road and MTB as well as urban and kids’ bikes. We also have the biggest range of e bikes available online.

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  • 03408 Pure Bike Protector 250ml

    03408 Pure Bike Protector 250ml

    PURE Bike Protector with UV protection is great for polishing all kinds of bicycles and even motorcycles and scooters in an eco friendly and biodegradable way. Adding Bike Protector to your machine will not only prolong its shiny finish but it will also...
    Price: £7.99

  • 03407 Pure Dry Lube 100ml

    03407 Pure Dry Lube 100ml

    PURE Dry Lube excels at staying clean in dry, dirty, and dusty riding conditions with an ultra friction-resistant formula. It resists water penetration and wash-off too. As with all PURE* products, Dry Lube is eco friendly and 100% biodegradable.
    Price: £5.99

  • 03406 Pure Wet Lube 100ml

    03406 Pure Wet Lube 100ml

    PURE Wet Lube is a thick, heavy-duty lubricant designed to stick to your chain in the wettest, nastiest conditions imaginable. Ideal for extreme weather and long distance use. And yes, the bike lube is still biodegradable, eco friendly and all natural.
    Price: £5.99

  • 03405 Pure Bike Oil 150ml

    03405 Pure Bike Oil 150ml

    PURE Bike Oil bonds to metal to reduce friction on moving parts. It inhibits rust and provides excellent corrosion protection. It’s also a high-quality lube for all kinds of general domestic purposes, is 100% biodegradable and features an eco...
    Price: £5.99

  • 03404 Pure Bike Grease 100g

    03404 Pure Bike Grease 100g

    Formulated specifically for two-wheel applications, PURE Bike Grease is an eco friendly and 100% biodegradable bike grease that features superb water resistance and lubricity. Perfect for headsets, wheel bearings, bottom brackets, screw threads, and...
    Price: £7.49

  • 03403 Pure Bike Degreaser 250ml

    03403 Pure Bike Degreaser 250ml

    Making cleaning with toxic chemicals a thing of the past, PURE Bike Degreaser is powerful, eco friendly and naturally-based, and it is highly effective at removing grease and oil. Its easy-rinse-off formula is soluble in water. It features a non-aerosol...
    Price: £7.49

  • 03401 Pure Bike Wash 1 Litre

    03401 Pure Bike Wash 1 Litre

    PURE Bike Wash brings a sparkle back to paintwork and polished metal parts of your beloved ride. It’s 100% acid free and yet has the power of acid-based cleaners. It leaves a brilliant finish and is completely safe to use on paintwork of all types...
    Price: £9.99