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Streamline Price Change Processes With State of the Art Automated Digital Shelf Edge Solution


What are Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)?

Electronic shelf label systems are used to display and automatically update product pricing displayed shown on shelves. They are typically comprised of three components:

  1. Label management software

  2. Communication controllers

  3. E-paper display modules

The label management software provides an intuitive way for users to easily manage pricing and stock information for every product across their entire network of stores. This information is then sent to the communication controller via Wi-Fi before being transmitted to the e-paper display modules via a private 2.G Wi-Fi signal for ultimate data transfer security. Updates are automatically rolled out across the shop floor instantly.


Improve ease and efficiency of pricing management

Reduce labour costs and save human resources for more important tasks

Improve sustainability by reducing paper and food waste

Optimise store layout based on real data

Instantly deliver time-limited promotions and dynamic price changes across every store

Reduce processing time for online orders

Enhance customers’ in-store shopping experience

Wide Range of Solutions

From supermarkets to clothes stores to canteens and everything in between, these displays are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any industry sector. There is even an IP67-rated waterproof version for applications such as seafood tanks, and a frost-proof version that can operate at temperatures as low as -25oC for use in freezers.

Tri-Colour E-Paper Displays

Utilising e-paper technology, these durable displays have an ultra-wide viewing angle and extremely low power consumption. Plus, with three colour options available for content (black/white/yellow or black/white/red), you can add eye-catching colour to your shelf labels.

5-Year Single Charge Battery

Thanks to the ultra-long battery life and automatic power allocation, these displays can be in 24/7 use for up to 5 years on a single charge (based on 4 updates per day).

Robust Enclosure

These displays are designed for commercial use in public spaces and the outer casing is no exception, made of a sturdy hard-wearing plastic. This also available in a range of custom colours to match your branding.

Multi-Coloured LED Light

Able to flash in 7 different colours, the built-in LED light helps staff to navigate to specific ESL locations quickly, such as when picking products to fulfil online orders or when identifying items that are out-of-stock.

Anti-Theft Installation

For maximum security against potential theft, a specialised tool is required to remove ESLs from shelves.

Automatic Pricing Updates

Automatically update the pricing of your whole product range across an entire network of stores from one centralised location, helping you to save on manual labour costs and ensuring total price accuracy.

Multiple Pages

Each display can have up to 7 different pages, giving you the flexibility to show more than just price. For instance, choose between showing standard pricing, promotions, out-of-stock notices, interactive QR codes, real-time stock inventory, order status and more. Staff can then easily switch between these pages using PDA devices.

Accurate Location Finding

Pinpoint exactly where each ESL label is located with 95% accuracy to aid product navigation for both staff and customers, enabling you to increase the efficiency of product picking for online orders and enhance the customer experience by improving wayfinding.

Rapid Update Speed

With an incredible update speed of up to 18,000 ESLs per hour, pricing updates can be rolled out rapidly. This enables much more dynamic pricing strategies and promotions, reducing food waste and ensuring you can react quickly to competitor/market changes.

Integrated NFC

Thanks to the integrated NFC functionality, both staff and customers can interact with the ESLs using smartphones and PDA devices.
Cloud Monitoring System

Continuous data reporting allows users to improve operation efficiency and monitor device performance, as well as receiving real-time alerts when abnormalities are detected to eliminate pricing errors.
Cloud Monitoring System

Continuous data reporting allows users to improve operation efficiency and monitor device performance, as well as receiving real-time alerts when abnormalities are detected to eliminate pricing errors.

PDA App Available

As the system is compatible with all major PDA brands, staff can easily use these devices to perform functions such as binding/unbinding ESLs with products, switching pages on the ESL display, and more.

Over-the-Air Firmware Updates

The system can be updated remotely without the need for a physical recall, meaning new software features can be added and bugs can be fixed swiftly.


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